Highway Department

The Fayette County Highway Department is responsible for the construction and maintenance of the county highway system, which includes 167 miles of highway and 51 bridges. We provide various engineering services to the 20 townships which maintain 1,100 miles of roadway and 200 bridges. We provide additional assistance to the townships by administering the Township Bridge and Township Motor Fuel Tax programs.

Township Road Commissioners

For questions or comments about township roads, please contact the appropriate Township Road Commissioner from the following list.

 Road Commissioner
 Phone Number
 AvenaDoug Engeljohn618-829-5810
 Bear GroveGary Haupt618-326-7445
 Bowling GreenRusty Rosenberger217-827-4115
 CarsonAndy Carter618-335-4718
 KaskaskiaJerry D. Mays618-292-2913
 LaCledeLeland McGuire618-267-6394
 Lone GroveDane Harpster618-349-8332
LoudonRobert (Mark) Reed618-487-5282
North HurricaneWill Rhoades618-704-8309
OtegoKenneth Garrison618-427-3075
PopeC. Wesley Cain618-381-4806
RamseyRichard Thull618-292-9362
SeftonGary Smith618-699-8764
SeminaryRandy Long618-780-1353
ShafterScott Wright618-335-4955
SharonMike Halford618-267-4010
South HurricaneZach England618-267-2439
VandaliaBruce Henry618-267-1442
WheatlandClint Dunbar618-322-6364
WilbertonRobert Gehle618-267-8813

Additional Resources

  • For questions or comments about state routes, including winter road conditions, contact the Illinois Department of Transportation in Effingham at 217-342-3951 or visit their website.
  • Review the Fayette County Sub-Division Ordinance and Set-Back Regulations.