County Clerk & Recorder/FOIA Officer

The Fayette County Clerk and Recorder's Office is responsible for

  • Assumed Business Names
  • Budgets & Tax Levees (from local entities)
  • Land Record Recordings (deeds, mortgages, surveys, etc.)
  • Certificates of Delinquent Property Taxes
  • Issuing Marriage Licenses
  • Maintaining Birth, Death & Marriage Records
  • Military Discharges (DD214)
  • Statements of Economic Interests (elected & appointed candidates)
  • Administering Elections & Maintaining Voter Rolls
  • Employee Payroll & Accounts Payable
  • County Board Secretary
  • FOIA Officer

Voter Registration and Elections

The office also administers voter registration and all election proceedings. If you get married or move, it is your responsibility to update your voter registration information.

When you have questions regarding anything to do with the election process, always contact our office for the best information. On even numbered years there are 2 elections. The General Primary is held in March, while the General Election is held in November. On odd numbered years there is the Consolidated Election held in April.  You can view a SAMPLE Ballot here, but if you would like to view your specific ballot place your curser on the blue menu bar on the left side of the screen; click, 'Elections'; click, 'Voter Status & Vote by Mail Tracker'

County Board

The office is responsible for preparing official proceedings and retaining of the minutes for the County Board. Follow the link to see who our county board members are. The County Board represents our county in the financing and local Ordinances. Board meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month.

Vital Records

For those interested in genealogy, our records for birth and deaths begin at 1877, and our marriages begin at 1821.  

  • Genealogy search fee is $10, per name. Genealogy copies $6 each.
  • Certified Death Certificates are $35 for the 1st copy, and $13 for each additional copy.
  • Certified Birth Certificates are $29 for the 1st copy, and $9 for each additional copy.
  • Certified Marriage Certificates are $31 for the 1st copy, and $11 for each additional copy.
  • Marriage Licenses are $75 - For more information about what is required for application of a marriage license, please call our office.
Click the following link to request your Vital Records, Official Records Online. Please note, a copy of a Driver's License or State ID is required. 

Land Record Recordings

Our land records are open for public viewing in our office.  Records as old as the 1800's can be found in our archives.  The land records, beginning October 1, 2004, to present, can be viewed and printed online by accessing Please be aware that you must enter a credit card before viewing, but will only be charged if you print.


Fayette County is now participating in eRecording.  This is a simple and easy way to file all your documents without the hassle.  To begin eRecording you can visit,  For all questions or inquiries please call or email CSC at the following: or (866) 652-0111 toll free.


We appreciate your interest in the Fayette County Clerk and Recorder's Office, and would like to remind you that our newer vital records are not open to the public and we are not allowed to give legal advice about the recording of land documents, and suggest that you contact an attorney, abstract company, or title company.

Notice of Foreclosures

Notice of Foreclosure copies required to be provided to the County of Fayette under Public Act 96-856 pursuant to 735 ILCS 5/15-1503(b), may be sent to:

Fayette County Clerk
221 South 7th Street, Room 106
Vandalia, IL 62471