Fayette County Sheriff

The office of Sheriff is an elected position with the Sheriff serving a term of four years. Sheriff's office duties include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Civil Process (Prepayment required for service fees)
  • Court Security
  • Jail Operations
  • Jail/Courthouse Maintenance


The Sheriff's Office consists of:  
  • 2 Full-Time Administrative Assistants
  • 4 Full-Time Telecommunicators
  • 8 Full-Time Deputies
  • 2 Full-Time Investigators
  • 9 Full-Time Correctional Officers
  • 1 Part-Time Maintenance
  • 1 Full-Time Custodial Employee
  • 22 Part-Time Support Personnel
Handler Deputy Fritcher and Thor have been trained for multi-purpose for the following:
  • Drug Interdiction
  • Evidence Search
  • Narcotics Detection
  • Tracking

Fayette County Sheriff's Office & Jail

Fayette County Sheriff's Office & Jail is located at 221 S. 7th St., Vandalia, Illinois.
  • Directions: Take I-70 exit 61, turn east on Randolph to 8th Street, turn south, travel 3 blocks to Johnson
  • Law Enforcement Entrance: South door of jail
  • Inmate Visitor Entrance: Through courthouse main entrance

                                  PREA MISSION STATEMENT:

The Fayette County Jail is a division of the Fayette County Sheriff’s   Office under the responsibility and control of the Fayette County Sheriff, Chief Deputy and Jail Administrator.

It is the mission of the Fayette County Jail to protect the public while providing a safe, clean, zero tolerance, and well-managed environment for employees, inmates and visitors.

These goals shall be attained through effective management of policy and procedure, quality staff training, inmate accountability, and a facility maintenance program, all performed in a professional manner.

 It is also our mission to provide those incarcerated, employees, and visitors with zero tolerance of sexual abuse, education, behavior management, and various program opportunities designed to improve their ability to return as productive members of society.