Fayette County Coroner

The Fayette County Coroner’s Office is committed to providing the citizens of Fayette County the most professional, cost effective death investigations falling under its jurisdiction. Pursuant to the Illinois State Statute and national guidelines this investigation may include, but is not limited to, autopsy, toxicology tests, metabolic studies, x-rays, entomological studies and personas, as well as, psychiatric history. These procedures are done to ensure that the facts surrounding the death are brought forward, and if an inquest is held, the jury will have as many facts as possible to arrive at a manner of death.

The Coroner is an elected office serving for a 4 year term. The Coroner's Office is a law enforcement agency, which, as part of the system of checks and balances, investigates deaths that occur in the county elected. Also, when a vacancy occurs in the Office of the Sheriff, the Coroner assumes the office temporarily until the vacancy is filled by appointment or election.

The Coroner shall also act as a Conservator of the peace. Each coroner shall be a Conservator of the peace in his county, and, in the performance of his duties as such, shall have the same powers as the sheriff.

Coroner Fees

The State of Illinois has set the following fees for the Coroner’s Office:

  • A copy of a transcript of sworn testimony: $5 per page
  • A copy of an autopsy report (if not included in transcript): $50
  • A copy of the verdict of a Coroner’s jury: $5
  • A copy of a toxicology report: $25
  • A print of a picture obtained by the Coroner: $3
  • A Coroner’s or Medical Examiner’s permit to cremate a dead body: $100

Fees for the above items when released for copying are controlled by Public Act 84-337 of the Illinois Revised Statutes as stated above, effective July 22, 2010. Payment must be received in advance.