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Get official records from board and committee meetings and new resolutions and ordinances put in place.

Clear information regarding financial aspects of court procedures, assisting individuals in navigating the financial aspects of legal matters within the county. Make online payments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with this safe and secure website.

A valuable tool that allows users to access information about properties within the county. Find local property ownership information pulled from tax records. Fayette County makes every effort to publish the most accurate information listed.

A comprehensive resource providing an organized list of key contacts and departments within the county government. Meet the department heads of Fayette County, IL offices and contact us today for more information.

Here is the printable PDF for the solar application linked below.

Our land records are open for public viewing in our office.  Records as old as the 1800's can be found in our archives.  The land records, beginning October 1, 2004, to present, can be viewed and printed online. Please be aware that you must enter a credit card before viewing, but will only be charged if you print.