Polling Place Update Effective Immediately


Contact: Jessica Barker
County Clerk & Recorder, Fayette County



Fayette County, March 12, 2024: Upon evaluation of the polling places of Fayette County it has been determined that the Bear Grove Precinct location is not in accordance with the provisions of the Illinois Election Code as outlined in 10 ILCS 5. As such, any polling place deemed inadequate by the Bear Grove Township Board and the County Clerk will be relocated commencing with the March 19, 2024, General Primary Election.

The decision to change the polling location was made after a thorough assessment of safety measures and considerations for the well-being of our community members.  The County Clerk’s Office prioritizes the safety and convenience of voters, ensuring that they have access to a secure and accessible polling place.

“We understand the importance of providing a safe and secure environment for voters to exercise their democratic rights,” said Jessica Barker, Fayette County Clerk & Recorder.  “The relocation of the Bear Grove Precinct polling location to the Hagarstown Baptist Church aligns with our commitment to ensuring a smooth and secure voting process for all residents.”

Voters in the Bear Grove Precinct are encouraged to take note of this change and plan accordingly for upcoming elections.  The Hagarstown Baptist Church offers ample parking facilities and accessibility features to accommodate voters of all abilities.

The following precinct has been relocated: Bear Grove. Each registered voter in the identified precinct will receive a new voter ID card with the new polling place address.

Updated polling place address is as follows:

Bear Grove – Hagarstown Baptist Church, 425 E 1400 Ave, Vandalia

If you have any questions, please contact the Fayette County Clerk Jessica Barker using the contact information above.


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